Friday, 31 October 2014

Urban Orchard

Our blog has been pretty quiet for the last few weeks - we've all been outside, enjoying the last of the summer sun putting together a giant outdoor project for Dundee Urban Orchard. The project was installed on the piazza outside Dundee Science Centre and the Dundee Contemporary Arts - if you know the area - you'll know the space.

We built 17 planters in various sizes and arranged them in a golden spiral layout with larch inserts - every single one has its own unique placement - which was fun! Earlier this week, apple trees were planted in them and they are to remain as a permanent feature on the piazza. Inside the planter arrangement is a mini-stage and seating, where we hope people will be able to sit and enjoy the urban orchard while they eat their lunch.

For more information, see the press release on STV about the Dundee Urban Orchard project.

The photos: top right you can see us putting the units together onsite and bottom right you can see Clive Gillman from the DCA and Louise Smith from DSC looking pretty chuffed with the apple tree they have just planted!