Wednesday, 8 February 2017


FifeX completed a large install at GSC funded by OPAL and SEPA. The exhibition is on floor two next to the lift and is formed of a large wall section with tables and two other tables near the window.

The top photo shows part one of the exhibition which includes a bespoke abacus software game, two huge touch sensor areas and a fairly advanced electronic shape sorted with some interesting sounds.

Picture two shows a prototype of our Corian 'puck' holder. The small pucks hold resin encapsulations of various lichen samples and users can view them under UV light. The puck holders are made from two thicknesses of corian and then milled out to form the discs. The mount for them is also milled in-house on our X-carve.

The third photo shows the two OPAL desks with the samples out for viewing.

The tables are all made in double-thickness ply with the cut-outs for the translucent acrylic which look fantastic if you see them when it's not night-time!